RTO Sells Out!

Well, ladies and gentlemen and other assorted awesome people, thanks to your fantastic enthusiasm we have COMPLETELY sold out of tickets for RTO 2013! We are still in shock from the amazing response we’ve gotten from the community for this event. Maybe we’ll have to do a bit of expanding for next year if this trend keeps up.

Needless to say, we’re HELLA’ PSYCHED for June 7th. It’s gonna be a fine-ass weekend for all. Can’t wait to see old friends, meet tons of new people, and of course hang out with our many international friends. Shout-out to everybody coming from other continents.

We love all of you. (Except one of you, but that person is a secret, shh!)



You can now buy your tickets for RTO 2013! That’s right, you can buy your tickets for RTO! Right now!

Basic Admission – $25.00 for access to the whole weekend’s events, as well as a raffle ticket!

You can now head over to our website and learn how to order tickets at
http://www.rtoevent.ca/?page_id=27 It’s all quite simple for the most part. All you need is a paypal account or credit card and you’re golden!

All in all, it’s been a lot of exciting work to organize this weekend of non-stop awesome. We have to thank you all so much for your patience and support in making this a weekend/week to remember! We’re doing this for you, because we love you and want to hang out. And maybe pop a few headshots or drink a few carbombs along the way. RTO is all about community, and we want you, your friends, and your online friends to be here to celebrate what brings us all together. Whatever that may be.

Hope to see you all in June, cheers!

XOXO The RTO Crew.

The Announcement

You’re here?! So that means you saw our announcement? Well, I’m assuming you did. I write this post on the eve of announcing the event at RvBTO’s Saturday ceremonies, and I must tell you, we are incredibly excited… and a little scared. Shortly after RvBTO 2012 was announced as the finale to the epic legacy, we were all upset. We knew that this community would carry on regardless of whether there was an official meetup for it or not, but we couldn’t stand the idea of not having an intimate event to look forward to every year. Because for many of us, RvBTO has been something to look forward to when we’re feeling down, down on our luck, or things are getting too heavy to take.

RvBTO has been a place where I can be myself, be confident, and regain some energy. That’s really what it is… energy. RvBTO is a few hundred absolutely amazing people gathering together to be energetic and happy. Weeks after an RvBTO, I still find myself smiling randomly while walking down the street, for no reason other than a random RvBTO memory popping into my mind. I can’t thank the wonderful staff of the event enough for putting on such amazing events, and curse myself for only starting to attend three years ago. It’s certainly the highlight of my year, and many others’ too.

RTO 2013 is our idea of giving back. We want to make sure that the same energy and love we have been given by this event will be given to others for a long time to come. New friends and longtime devotees alike. All we want to do with RTO 2013 is give the community a place to carry on with its traditions, its growth, and most of all, its friendships. In one day of RvBTO 2012 we’ve already met some awesome new people, and we’re sure we’ll continue meeting more. So for everyone reading this, thanks for checking us out. We sincerely hope you’ll join us for RTO 2013, because no matter how hard we work on the event, it’s your presence that matters most. It’s about the people you surround yourself with, and we hope to surround RTO with the best people we know.

If you’ve got any questions, ideas, criticisms, or anything else, please send us a message. We want to hear it.

Thank you!